Experienced Professionals

Founded in 1986 by John Fugo and Christine Edwards in Syracuse, NY, Montgomery Development Carolina Corp. launched as a national retail + restaurant contractor. The firm’s success garnered opportunities to diversify into different market sectors and extend its geographic reach.

After relocating to North Carolina in 1997, Montgomery Carolina, LLC was launched to provide development and real estate consulting services. In October 2020, Montgomery Development Carolina Corp. was sold and now operates as Montgomery Contracting.
Today, in addition to working on our own properties throughout the Southeast, Montgomery Carolina, LLC maintains a relationship with Montgomery Contracting and also seeks new opportunities to develop, lease and consult on commercial real estate projects.

Montgomery's Leadership Team


John FugoNC RE License 194756

Co-Founder + Managing Member

(919) 280-6318jfugo@mcarolina.com

A 38-year construction industry veteran, John maintains an effective business development plan and oversees all business activities. He is responsible for the company’s overall health and accountable for meeting corporate goals.


Christine Edwards

Co-Founder + Managing Member

(919) 270-0460christine@mcarolina.com

Christine is responsible for establishing overall corporate objectives and policies, ensuring profitable growth and fulfilling the company’s commitments. She provides advice, guidance and direction to the staff as a collaborative organization and maintains the adequacy and soundness of the company’s financial structure to safeguard successful growth.